This week is the week of Mr. Piet Eppinga.

When I walked into the room, all I thought was “What is this and what is it suppose to be…” and not in the curious way. When the average person looks at Epping’s sculptures they would most likely get NOTHING from it. NOTHING AT ALL. Because his sculptures portray half human and half vase qualities like this one right here:

She kind of scares me...

She kind of scares me…

But as me and my other intrigued colleagues talked to Eppinga, we find out that what he wants us students to take from this art is the different emotions that everyone experiences in their lifetime. He explains that he wants his sculptures standing tall because good things come from the above (whether he meant rising or above in religious context I forgot to ask). And the reason why he uses clay is that when he was young, Eppinga and his brother often only had clay to play around with, and of course, that is what his passion is now, creating artwork with clay.

Either way, after I heard about how emotion and life is really what inspired Eppinga, I could see in his clay sculptures the way their eyes are angled, and one can tell a lot by someones eyes.

Pier Eppinga

Piet Eppinga

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Scooby Doo is the best show ever created...

Scooby Doo is the best show ever created…

We're all monsters here...

We’re all monsters here…

I remember being on Tumblr (back when I had a tumblr account- I felt so justified when I was able to get rid of it, tumblr was just too addicting) and seeing the Scooby Doo quote, and that’s when I opened up my sketchbook and “graffitied” the word monster.

Graffiti has always been that “bad thing” my parents, and my culture in general, try to avoid me into, so the fact that you had assigned this made me all excited for being a rebel Glenn. The reason why my parents do not like the concept of graffiti is that they assume only gansters, mobsters, and rogue teenagers do that type of thing in the streets, kind of like people who do not have good morals. So all in all, I had that sort of “badness” feel when I drew the monster letters in graffiti because in my little head I only presume the monsters to be bad people and bad people do graffiti.

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Me and My Neighbor!

Me and My Neighbor!

Jasmin Rito is my neighbor Glenn! We literally live a street over each other in Anaheim so I had no question to whether or not she commutes haha. Jasmin and I have met before though Ngoc but because we forgot to we didn’t get to interview each other until this week.

Jasmin is a sophomore this year at CSULB studying Computer Science and she has not gone to school anywhere else. She mentions this because to many others at school she looks like an international student, but in truth she is just a “white Mexican” (her words NOT mine!). We got into this conversation about interracial couples and children and we ended the conversation with being a mixed child and being in the interracial pool is something super beautiful and unavoidable seeing how the world today is a lot more open minded to marriages that are not of the same race. I shared with her that since I was 8, I had the mind set of not marrying an asian, not because I have something against asian people at that age or now, its just that I wanted to be with someone different. I actually am right now, my man is white haha. But through that conversation Jasmin and I didn’t even consider us talking to be an assignment, we completely forgot about it too to be honest! I really liked the way that she was so open about talking to me about these things, so thanks again Glenn for the mandatory new friendships!

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The last and most EPIC gallery of all!

THE 2015 BFA SHOW ✍(◔◡◔)✌

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 2.50.23 PM


this is so pretty!

this is so pretty!

Honestly I am sad that this is the last week of galleries but I’m sure I’ll come by next semester. I don’t know if it was because it was our last time but I really enjoyed many of the artist’s works together in the main gallery and being to see the differences and the unique ways each of them want to present their selves.

A lot of people said it was me!

A lot of people said it was me!

this is my favorite!

this is my favorite!

my boyfriend loved these!

my boyfriend loved these!

I really liked Murray’s art because it reminded me of the Sunday morning comic cartoons I would dive in for once the mailman gave me. It had a realistic nature to it with the way the cartoons were portrayed in each frame and I was just taken back to my childhood days

Bae Charlotte

Bae Charlotte


Miss Elia Murray

Elia does a bunch of different artwork, but her mains are sculpting, painting, and drawing. These two dogs are HAND MADE by Elia and one of our peers asked how much she would sell the two in which she replied “most likely never because they are her favorites but if she had to it would be from $80-$95.

Can you believe these are $80-$95

The Pug is AWESOME

Elia says her artwork is for everyone and with that she tells us that her website is filed with all products made by her. She encourages us to help her out because not only will we have amazing artwork in our homes, we will also be helping her with more art supplies and to help her reach her dream of becoming a full time-artist.

Before art Elia was set on becoming an English major but with her parents being in the arts, Elia wanted to uphold the legacy and is now having a degree in the arts! She hopes to have some of her art in the big screens someday (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

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All I heard as I was “Oh my God! She’s so lucky, she’s almost done!” and I was like “WHO IS GRADUATING” since I am only a freshman I still have a long way to go.

As I walk in I could see that Miss Elaine Kwak has worked very hard on her passion and major the last four years. Her art was so breathtaking and professional, each stroke of paint showed how happy she was as she is painting. Kwak is in LOVE with colors! Which is why she wants to splurge on her paintings with colors (though my two favorite are in black white and gray). She tells us that not only does she want tp bring people enjoyment looking at her paintings, but she also wants to make them psychologically good, which is the explanation for all the colors (Kwak explains to us colors change our moods and shape our mindsets).



I love these two black and white with gray painting because Ewak really captures the beauty in these two animals. The white Siberian tigers are beautiful and the fact that she made their eyes shiny show the mysteriousness in them and I remember how these creatures are near extinct, I would buy this painting for sure.

zebras are pretty horses.

zebras are pretty horses.

When I was growing up, I always thought zebras were the prettiest of all the horses- that is- until my 5th grade teacher crushed my hopes and dreams. Again, I think her use of these colors make her work standout, plus the grace of each stroke of paint make the zebras look like they are moving.

a landscape of peace.

a landscape of peace.

Congratulations Elaine on graduating with such a fine talent in the arts!

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Student Choice

Student Choice gave me a chance to do what I wanted which was some photography at my most favorite place in the world. Thank you Glenn for letting us be able to be creative and use our brains to express ourselves.

Being Dead

I am a HUGE fan of walking dead, so as I was laying there with soy sauce dampening my hair, I thought to myself that I would be the only walker who smelled pleasant!


Glenn, I am so obsessed with Instagram- and once I knew that we would be using our own social accounts, I was so STOKED. Glenn, I still have those posts, and I love them all, #ART110S15forever!



Glenn, nobody likes something they fail at. So I was desperate and took a picture of my dog for you. Either way, I did not like this activity Glenn 😦

Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing was okay Glenn, but to be completely honest I really did not enjoy this activity at all just because I’m not a yarn person.

New Media

New Media was a little difficult because I really wanted to make  really cool video about all the people on campus, but I had completely no time to do what I really wanted in just a week.

Feedback – 

  • Tuesday in UT-108

To be honest Glenn, I don’t think the class appreciates your lectures enough, you should really do something about phones in the theater. I have enjoyed every moment of your art education.

  • Activities overall

Overall, I thought the activities okay and reasonable,I just would like you to give us some more time.

  • Artist Conversations

I loved going to the galleries and seeing artists’ work. Its made me realize more abut each artist and their work. I really enjoyed talking to these people and how they view that their artwork.

  • Classmate conversations

These conversations really helped us Glenn, I have many more connections now because of this mandatory friend seeking Glenn, don’t ever take this out of class!

  • Using your website

Thank you for letting us use modern day technology to do our homework assignments Glenn, I really appreciate how modernized you are!

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Hi Glenn, I drew this awhile ago (its still on my Instagram) and I still remember what I was listening to when I drew this. It may just look like a tribal pattern with a yin yang, but I wanted to draw something really complex but looked organized at the same time.

Best Mistake.

Best Mistake.

You see, I was listening to “Best Mistake” by Ariana Grande and Big Sean. Glenn, it was the first time my heart was broken. I was feeling so down and lost that I didn’t know what to do expect sit in my bed and draw as much as I can until I fell asleep. It wasn’t a problem between us, it was that my parents do not approve of me dating while in college, they believe I would not be able to focus. My boyfriend (or as we still are technically taken, promising to try to change my dads mind about us) is completely understanding of that, but he’s not the reason why I was heartbroken Glenn: I was heartbroken because no matter what I do, not matter how good my grades are, my parents never let me do anything that they are not interested in or do not like.

I just hope that someday, I would be able to get them to be more open-minded and let me enjoy my college years because once I get the MD in Medicine as they hope, I would not be able to do things I could in college.

The song is simply about a couple who is having problems and the girl is trying to keep the relationship from falling apart because she has never loved anyone so much and she’s saying no matter what happens to them she will always love him and save her love for him forever because he was the best mistake she ever made.

Thank you for reading this Glenn.

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