So I decided to write about Mac’s art, one because it’s totally amazing and two because it’s TOTALLY AMAZING! (❤▿❤)Did you guys get to touch the glass? I didn’t know if we could or not, but I touched it anyway. Some of the glass had a super smooth glassy feel to it, while others (like the huge piece of glass that looked like it was about to fall off) had a rough sandy texture, making it even more interesting to think about because all glass should be smooth right?!

the blue streaks.♀♥

the blue streaks.♀♥

I could not pick on one piece of glass that Mac created so I will be sharing my thoughts on two: the blue piece(s) I call “Ocean Glass” and the red/yellow piece I call “Mars Glass”. I immediately went to Ocean because my favorite color is blue and it just really stood out with its dominant pearly whites and hints of sea green glass mixed with the dark blue made the whole piece look like it represents a calm and cool personality. It’s beautiful!

the red streaks. ♂ ♥

the red streaks. ♂ ♥

I really really really like Mars because… I mean- just look at it! It gave me a dark, daring feel to it because of the bold red streaks that stand out along with the graphite and yellow glass. To me, it would be a piece of art I’d put in a Mongolian museum where the Huns are because of its powerful dark colors. It’s super badass, and who doesn’t like a badass once in a while? ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ


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