Maddie Iwanaga

This is Madeline Iwanaga! She is a lovely young woman in her second semester of her first year in college. Maddie is working hard to be obtain her bachelor’s in psychology, as she was to use that to help people in a way that not only interests her but also makes her enjoy her future career. Her family consists of her mother and father, along with her older sister and younger brother.

One family member Maddie talked about most with me was her grandfather. Maddie’s grandfather, now ninety-three years old, gave Maddie her first childhood interest: art. He introduced her the vibrant colors of the world and showed her that colors are not just there to be there, each color is representation of something, and the artist can use each color to create a million representations that signify something important to their own life.

Getting to know Maddie was a great experience, I hope you guys get to meet her soon. ✿

a photo of Maddie and me.

a photo of Maddie and me ✿


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