One thing I took away from this super fun activity is that EVERYONE LOVES STARBUCKS (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ Anyway, back to #ART110S15. It was so much fun to see how every one of us started our day, how our day went, where we went, and even who our boyfriends or girlfriends were! It just reminds me that each and every one of us in the world, much less 125 students in ART110, lead different lives with different struggle or similar blessings.

PICTURE #1 STARBUCKS Do I need to say more? Starbucks, now that I put my head to it, is a big help to college students because not only is it delicious, it has the caffeine to help us keep up with our busy lives. From academics to work, you can always order Starbucks to help keep you ALIVE. I got the daily favorite: a cookie, a small hot tea, and a caramel frappe with extra caramel and whip cream! Mmm-mm!

PICTURE #2 ART GALLERY FAVORITE I know I already talked about this portrait but I am SO obsessed with it that I posted it onto my Instagram- yes I will actually KEEP it- and thought it would be such an honor to share such a wonderful painting to my followers. I got so many comments on it, some people asking me where it was, did I paint it, others saying it was distinct, cool, and SUPER COOL. I will forever cherish this picture, but if the actual portrait is for sale, tell me!

PICTURE #3 SELFIE FT. SNAPCHAT I decided that since I post such awesome posts that I should let my class know who I am. Haha just kidding! I wanted to post a selfie on our class hashtag but I wasn’t brave enough to, so I waited and waited for someone to be braver than I was and sure enough, we have some brave gorgeous colleagues that were not afraid to let the class know who they were. I really enjoyed seeing who was posting what, I can’t wait to meet them! And with my selfie I hope they will want to meet me!

PICTURE #4 CHUCK E. CHEESE’S If there is one place I love more than my room+Netflix+food it would be Chuck E. Cheese’s. I love the food there and I am a MASTER at Skeeball. I really enjoy noisy energetic atmospheres so I have no problem whatsoever with the kids (except for when they are trying to steal my tickets). I think that as I get older people look at me weird like “who is this girl why is she here?” but I just ignore them and I even get a huge group of my friends who are just as nervous to go because they weren’t “kids” anymore. I try to remind everyone that: YES, we are on our way to becoming adults, but that does not mean we cannot have fun. It is okay to let yourself go for a while, so go get tickets and exchange them for super awesome prizes!

I loved this activity, got to see my colleagues' day which was super interesting.

I loved this activity, got to see my colleagues’ day which was super interesting.


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