I may have found one of the artists to forever be in my memories. Andre Ritter is an aspiring metalsmith who takes pride in his work. He got his ideas and inspirations from having grown up in Hawaii while observing and thus falling in love with mid-modern works. Ritter likes to compose his artwork from different metals and different materials he collects every where he goes. When I asked Andre what he does to things that did not turn out as he expected them to be or no in the way he likes, he simply said “I just put the piece aside. I don’t want to throw away anything because whatever I do I know that there will be a place for it.”

One of his favorite pieces (including mine) is the copper chandelier. This took Andre MONTHS to put together because he was not (and maybe still is NOT) satisfied with it. He hard a hard time letting the metals hang on the chandelier hold because he did not know how to create a “hanging” effect and the fact that he wanted to included everything he could on the piece, but it would not hold. Andre hopes that he will be able to fully complete the chandelier by the time he graduates from CSULB. He hopes to work with other artists and have his work up in a gallery for a broader audience to see.

My favorite chandelier… [hums the song]

Andre, Me, and Ngoc

Andre, Me, and Ngoc


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