This is what happens when you tell me that my Grandma is at the front door with food and warm hugs… ☠

Looking at this photo of me now that I am a ghost 👻, I’m thinking to myself that “Hey, I do have a butt for an asian. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)” It amazes me how there are some things on your body you do not appreciate, especially in today’s society, every girl is looking at another girl like “Wow, she is so pretty, why aren’t I?” or “UGH she has everything, a boyfriend, a nice car…” You would be lying if you never compared someone to yourself, even celebrities. All I’mm saying is be grateful that you are on Earth, alive and well. Be grateful that God created you, and if God made you, then you are BEAUTIFUL. No matter what age, race, sexual orientation you are, there are people out there who are grateful that you are YOU. ✨(っ◔︣◡◔᷅)っc(◕︣◡◕᷅c)✨ Stereotypes do not matter, like I am just so tired of all these stereotypes to my [asian] people! No, not all of us are crazy “freaky” smart. We just know what is good for us and we try to study so that we can become successful in life rather than live a hard life. So because of that train of thought, we are able to go to the top. But its not just us! (≖᷆︵︣≖)👎

Being determined and persistent is in anyone’s power! ٩(˘◡˘)۶

Rest in Pokémon Darlene… ☠☠☠


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