To me, the internet is seriously the place that is the Heaven and Hell of freedom. Y0u can pot anything you want, and search up anything you want. It’s amazing to the extent of sharing because so much knowledge is passed through a simple URL. Its quite miraculous how one can know about something just by typing it up on Google or Yahoo. However, this freedom is clearly unmonitored. Many websites do not censor their content and this often leads to spam and fraud.

Copyright is definitely doing its job. I mean, I’ve been trying to download Taylor Swift’s 1989 album since last year but NO ONE dares to hack into the songs. they realize the consequences of stealing digitally.

I chose to choose SoundCloud as my license because to be completely honest it was the easiest to upload my file on because my remix takes up 3.1 MB.

I will be so mad if you don’t share my remix with the class Glenn. Haha just kidding! I am super proud of remix thought, using Wub Machine I was able to make Taylor Swift’s Blank Space into a Dubstep track and it turned out pretty good! I used about 30 different beats but I didn’t include a drop because I wanted to be unexpected!


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