Dear Glenn, as a moment of truth, I must say that before going into pre-medical I dreamed about being an interior designer, mostly because of how my mom would put on HGTV all day! Plus I enjoy making a stylish and comfortable home (っ^▿^)۶🍸🌟🍺٩(˘◡˘ ) 

For the building I designed- or RE-desgined, I chose the USU. This wasn’t because of the time ASI wanted to remodel the USU, but because whenever I go to the USU I think its tragic, the interior designing. So what here is the remodeled USU created with the Home Design 3D app:

Sticks Lounge

Sticks Lounge

The Sticks Lounge is the place where students can rent video games and play on the XBOX, PS3, or PS4. Its a gamers heaven at college when they can’t be at in the comfort of their own home to play video games. I added a few other things to the Sticks Lounge: foosball table, drum set, and hanging lamps that give the Sticks Lounge a more “man cave” room.

USU Hallway

USU Hallway

The USU Hallway is the connector of the rooms. So I wanted to make it look classy basic. There were originally some small round tables and light wooden chairs, but to replace that I made some dark oak wood as tables and add some black bar stools to add to a classier hallway.

USU Lobby

USU Lobby

The USU lobby would be the living room of a house. There were orignally TV’s in the Lobby but I added two 55″ TVs because I don’t think the people at the USU realize that the TVs are that small. To go with the dark wood floors I added some white furniture and a light green to have the room balance out colors and make it look as homey as possible with some stands with vases and flowers.

USU Lounge

USU Lounge

I hang out in the lounge a lot with my boyfriend, so I spent a lot more time to design this room. I stuck to the white furniture for this room because white furniture just looks good okay. A lounge- to me- should be relaxing and calm, so I chose a pearl and green wallpaper to surround the room, along with a piano to whoever might want to play some music for us. The lounge originally connected to the Sticks Lounge, and I kept it that way.

I should’ve posted this on time… its so pretty… (╥︣﹏᷅╥) 

Thank you for reading Glenn! ٩(˘◡˘)۶


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