Student Choice

Student Choice gave me a chance to do what I wanted which was some photography at my most favorite place in the world. Thank you Glenn for letting us be able to be creative and use our brains to express ourselves.

Being Dead

I am a HUGE fan of walking dead, so as I was laying there with soy sauce dampening my hair, I thought to myself that I would be the only walker who smelled pleasant!


Glenn, I am so obsessed with Instagram- and once I knew that we would be using our own social accounts, I was so STOKED. Glenn, I still have those posts, and I love them all, #ART110S15forever!



Glenn, nobody likes something they fail at. So I was desperate and took a picture of my dog for you. Either way, I did not like this activity Glenn 😦

Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing was okay Glenn, but to be completely honest I really did not enjoy this activity at all just because I’m not a yarn person.

New Media

New Media was a little difficult because I really wanted to make  really cool video about all the people on campus, but I had completely no time to do what I really wanted in just a week.

Feedback – 

  • Tuesday in UT-108

To be honest Glenn, I don’t think the class appreciates your lectures enough, you should really do something about phones in the theater. I have enjoyed every moment of your art education.

  • Activities overall

Overall, I thought the activities okay and reasonable,I just would like you to give us some more time.

  • Artist Conversations

I loved going to the galleries and seeing artists’ work. Its made me realize more abut each artist and their work. I really enjoyed talking to these people and how they view that their artwork.

  • Classmate conversations

These conversations really helped us Glenn, I have many more connections now because of this mandatory friend seeking Glenn, don’t ever take this out of class!

  • Using your website

Thank you for letting us use modern day technology to do our homework assignments Glenn, I really appreciate how modernized you are!


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