All I heard as I was “Oh my God! She’s so lucky, she’s almost done!” and I was like “WHO IS GRADUATING” since I am only a freshman I still have a long way to go.

As I walk in I could see that Miss Elaine Kwak has worked very hard on her passion and major the last four years. Her art was so breathtaking and professional, each stroke of paint showed how happy she was as she is painting. Kwak is in LOVE with colors! Which is why she wants to splurge on her paintings with colors (though my two favorite are in black white and gray). She tells us that not only does she want tp bring people enjoyment looking at her paintings, but she also wants to make them psychologically good, which is the explanation for all the colors (Kwak explains to us colors change our moods and shape our mindsets).



I love these two black and white with gray painting because Ewak really captures the beauty in these two animals. The white Siberian tigers are beautiful and the fact that she made their eyes shiny show the mysteriousness in them and I remember how these creatures are near extinct, I would buy this painting for sure.

zebras are pretty horses.

zebras are pretty horses.

When I was growing up, I always thought zebras were the prettiest of all the horses- that is- until my 5th grade teacher crushed my hopes and dreams. Again, I think her use of these colors make her work standout, plus the grace of each stroke of paint make the zebras look like they are moving.

a landscape of peace.

a landscape of peace.

Congratulations Elaine on graduating with such a fine talent in the arts!


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