This week is the week of Mr. Piet Eppinga.

When I walked into the room, all I thought was “What is this and what is it suppose to be…” and not in the curious way. When the average person looks at Epping’s sculptures they would most likely get NOTHING from it. NOTHING AT ALL. Because his sculptures portray half human and half vase qualities like this one right here:

She kind of scares me...

She kind of scares me…

But as me and my other intrigued colleagues talked to Eppinga, we find out that what he wants us students to take from this art is the different emotions that everyone experiences in their lifetime. He explains that he wants his sculptures standing tall because good things come from the above (whether he meant rising or above in religious context I forgot to ask). And the reason why he uses clay is that when he was young, Eppinga and his brother often only had clay to play around with, and of course, that is what his passion is now, creating artwork with clay.

Either way, after I heard about how emotion and life is really what inspired Eppinga, I could see in his clay sculptures the way their eyes are angled, and one can tell a lot by someones eyes.

Pier Eppinga

Piet Eppinga


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