Me and My Neighbor!

Me and My Neighbor!

Jasmin Rito is my neighbor Glenn! We literally live a street over each other in Anaheim so I had no question to whether or not she commutes haha. Jasmin and I have met before though Ngoc but because we forgot to we didn’t get to interview each other until this week.

Jasmin is a sophomore this year at CSULB studying Computer Science and she has not gone to school anywhere else. She mentions this because to many others at school she looks like an international student, but in truth she is just a “white Mexican” (her words NOT mine!). We got into this conversation about interracial couples and children and we ended the conversation with being a mixed child and being in the interracial pool is something super beautiful and unavoidable seeing how the world today is a lot more open minded to marriages that are not of the same race. I shared with her that since I was 8, I had the mind set of not marrying an asian, not because I have something against asian people at that age or now, its just that I wanted to be with someone different. I actually am right now, my man is white haha. But through that conversation Jasmin and I didn’t even consider us talking to be an assignment, we completely forgot about it too to be honest! I really liked the way that she was so open about talking to me about these things, so thanks again Glenn for the mandatory new friendships!


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