Scooby Doo is the best show ever created...

Scooby Doo is the best show ever created…

We're all monsters here...

We’re all monsters here…

I remember being on Tumblr (back when I had a tumblr account- I felt so justified when I was able to get rid of it, tumblr was just too addicting) and seeing the Scooby Doo quote, and that’s when I opened up my sketchbook and “graffitied” the word monster.

Graffiti has always been that “bad thing” my parents, and my culture in general, try to avoid me into, so the fact that you had assigned this made me all excited for being a rebel Glenn. The reason why my parents do not like the concept of graffiti is that they assume only gansters, mobsters, and rogue teenagers do that type of thing in the streets, kind of like people who do not have good morals. So all in all, I had that sort of “badness” feel when I drew the monster letters in graffiti because in my little head I only presume the monsters to be bad people and bad people do graffiti.


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